Join us at the Chingay Pre-Parade Carnival!
Date: 7 and 8 Feb
Time: 6 to 8 pm
Venue: Arts Street (In front of the F1 Pit Building Car Park)


Holland-Bukit Timah GRC, Singapore Community Saxaphone Quartet (SCSQ)

Performing item: Saxophone Quartet

Singapore Community Saxaphone Quartet (SCSQ) which is part of Singapore Community Saxophone Ensemble was formed to promote the craft and artistry of Saxophone performance. The SCSE comprise the entire family of saxophones ranging from Sopran to Baritone/Bass variations. Performing many familiar pop/jazz tunes and CNY arrangements.

Hong Kah North SMC, SWAT@GPV

Performing item: Hip Hop Dance Performance

SWAT@GPV is Gek Poh Ville CC's first Hip Hop Dance Crew formed in July 2012.  Now over a year old, SWAT has swept audiences off their feet with stunning,fist pumping choreography, led by 19 year old, Ridhaufi Ramlan. They have also earned a formidable reputation in the local dance scene after having clinched Singapore's Best Dance Crew (SBDC 2013) held in August 2013 and represented Singapore's Best Dance Crew (SBDC 2013) held in August 2013 and represented Singapore to compete in the UDO World Street Dance Championship in Glasgow, UK.  They have also done Hong Kah North SMC proud by representing the division to perform during this year's NDP Parade.

Nee Soon GRC, Rhythms Aesthetics Society

Performing item: Fusion Indian dance

Dandiya is an Indian Dance performed in circles by rhythmically striking the sticks held in both hands that deeply suggest the circle of life and the beating heart. This vivacious dance is performed by Rhythms Aesthetic Society.


Performing item: Samulnori

PAN is a korean samulnori group based in Singapore. Samulnori is a genre of traditional percussion music originated from Korea and is played using 4 different instruments namely Janggu, Kkwaenggwari, Jing and Buk. Each of these four instruments represents a different weather condition: the janggu represents rain, the kkwaenggwari thunder, the jing the sounds of the wind, and the buk clouds. Samulnori is usually performed in rice farming villages to ensure and to celebrate good harvests.

PAYCO-People's Association Youth Chinese Orchestra

Performing item: Multiracial Percussion Ensemble

Chinese New Year represents a New Year, new hope. People's Association Youth Chinese Orchestra specially presents a combination of ethnic Chinese (People's Association Youth Chinese Orchestra) Malay (Orkestra Melayu Singapura), India (Singapore Indian Orchestra and Choir) and other ethnic musical instruments percussion ensemble. Accompanied with the different ethnic musical instrument, it symbolize the spirit of courage and lastly PAYCO youth wish you a Happy New Year and success in the New Year.


Performing item: Singapura Belly Dance

Singapura Belly Dance is a special multi-cultural belly dance performance. It is a fusion medley item created and conceptualized by Julia Sim, a PA trainer, founder and artistic director of SHYNZ PRODUCTIONS. The techniques of belly dance are incorporated with elements of Singapore's four ethnic dance cultures; Bollywood, Chinese, Peranakan, and the 1920s Gatsby style. The music and costumes are specially chosen and custom made to reflect the styles of the four cultural dances of Singapore. Belly dance is currently a vibrant and popular recreation dance with the ladies in Singapore. The main reason for this special concept is to rediscover the art of belly dance through the eyes of Singaporeans. 

West Coast GRC, Clementi Samba Group

Performing item: Samba drums/percussion

Clementi Samba Drum Interest Group was started in Oct 2012 spinning off from the Community Drum Circle Samba music offers Residents a more vibrant and colourful pace of drumming.The group has performed at Ch8 Good Morning Singapore, during Gardens by the Bay 1st Birthday Celebration and more recently in Kuala Lumpar, TV3

ITE College East, Soul Percussion

Performing item: Samba drums/percussion

ITE College East's Percussion Band is a youthful and vibrant performing arts group. Formed in August 2005 by pioneer students of ITE College East, the group has been impressing audiences both in ITE and at external events with their uplifting performances. The pieces they do feature a fusion of samba rhythm and street beats.

Tanglin Secondary School, D'Noizee Inc

Performing item: Samba drums/percussion

The percussion ensemble, also known as "Da Noizee Inc", comprises students with a passion to transform noise into music. The group started off with creative percussion, i.e. making music from recycled items such as bins, pots and pans. With the teamwork fostered through creative percussion, the group branched into instrumental percussion in the last two years. In 2008 and 2009, the percussion ensemble took part in the National Creative Percussion Competition organized by NEA and came in First and Second in the Senior Category respectively. The group was also the champions in the Drumzout competition in 2011. In addition, the percussion ensemble has been invited to perform at various public venues, at events such as the recent Earth Hour performance at the Esplanade Park and Earth Day at the Singapore Zoological Gardens. "Da Noizee Inc" seeks to do its part for the environment by spreading the message of "going green" through our creative percussion performances. The group was also selected as sports entertainers for the Singapore Youth Olympic Games and performed at four field events.

Corporation Primary School, Chilli Padi Spicy

Performing item: Samba drums/percussion

Formed in 2009 with only 11 members, Corporation Primary School's Brazilian Street Percussion, Chilli Padi, had a humble beginnings of having to make do with banging the music room floor to practice as they no instruments then. After 3 consecutive NDP performances at Marina Floating Platform, and boasting more than 90 members after recent CCA orientation, another adventure awaits in the form of Chingay 2014. Here to spice up the atmosphere, Chilli Padi Spicy.


Xin Jiang Bing acrobatic troupe

The Xin Jiang Bing acrobatic troupe was set up in 1951. It is an acrobatic troupe with a glorious tradition made up of the Han, Uyghurs and other ethnic groups. Since its establishment 60 years ago, the troupe has been creating and performing countless top-notch artistic productions under the leadership of the troupe's leader. Not only did they perform in their home country, they had also travelled around the world to perform and showcase the national culture of China. Since the 1980s, the troupe participated in many acrobatic competitions and had won up to 2 international awards, 13 nationwide awards, 17 South East Asia awards, 15 troupe awards and 4 autonomous region awards.

Performing: Mysterious Dance – Rope Stunt

This is a stunt performance featuring ropes. The performers are going to mesmerise the audience with their rope spinning techniques while performing to various acrobatic stunts. Performers needs to be fast and focused as they multi task to doing acrobatic stunts and spinning the rope so as to create a beautiful visual effect.

Performing: 天山红 –女子造型

This performance sets itself in an icy cold atmosphere being brought to life by the mountains, snow and its beautiful scenery. The remarkable performance showcases ladies dressed in white costumes doing acrobatic stunts such as stacking to represent the high mountains found in the icy cold place. Their stacking performance as well as their flexibility is definitely set to leave a deep impression on the audience's mind. The visual effect it gives the audience is truly incredible.


Sunhwa Dance Troupe

Performing item: Buchae – chum (Fan Dance)

Buchae-chum (Fan Dance) is a Korean traditional dance characterized by its colorful fans made of paper. The performers will each dance along with a fan and their fans will usually are close to each other and they will represent images such as flowers using the fan.


Semarang Group

Performing item: Batik Dance (Fri and Sat)

Hailing from Central Java, batik has long been regarded as one of the pinnacles of Indonesian Culture. The intricate process of creating batik is the source of inspiration for choreographing Tari Batik. The dance follows the process of batik making started from the careful selection of mori (plain fabric), followed by drawing of basic patterns with malam (melted wax). The movement also emphasizes the graceful movements of batik artists including the colouring and washing process. While performing, the dancers don intricate Javanese traditional costumes and elaborate make up to further bring out the feminine charm of the dancers. Tari Batik is accompanied by mellow Javanese gamelan ensemble.

SMPN 2 Ngamprah

Performing item: Sancang Gugat dance (Fri)

Sancang gugat dance describes the struggle of a young beautiful Sundanese princess to fight the Sundanese Kingdom enemies. The princess fought bravely and wholeheartedly, resulting the victory of Sundanese Kingdom.

Performing item: 100% Sundanese in Bali dance (Sat)

100% Sundanese in Bali Dance is a contemporary dance describing youth's cross cultural assimilation in Indonesia.