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Youthful Energy

Youthful Energy
Youthful Energy

Imagine 2000 youths moving in unison to the pulsating beat of hip-hop music. Now imagine one man rounding up, organizing and managing these young performers.

Mr Kenneth Wong, from the People’s Association Movement was only 25 when he was requested to lead the planning committee of the finale; he imagined it to be an impossible task and was hesitant at first. However with the help of a dedicated team of almost 100 volunteers, he rose to the occasion and managed remarkably with a team who took care of everything from administration to training and costumes.

Youthful Energy

Stringent safety precaution and care were put in place to ensure the health and safety of every performer. The steel rods that were used to keep a 240-meter satin cloth grounded were covered with soft padding to prevent injuries and medical aid were present at every rehearsal to provide medical treatment whenever necessary.

The end result, a show-stopping finale titled Passing on the Lamp consisting of two parts – “Passionate Youth” and “Passing on the Lamp”. A performance of energy, bright colourful lights and impressive coordination, the youths transformed the entire performing area into a red river of shimmering light with a huge bale of red satin stretched over 360 meters and torches cleverly attached to the sleeves of their costume.

Visibly moved and filled with pride, Mr Wong expressed that every minute of preparation and rehearsal was worth it. He described it as a memorable show that left an “indelible impression in the hearts and minds of the young performers as well”.


Adapted from: Tales of Chingay – Celebrating 40 years of Chingay
Originally Written by: Goh Ting Cheng
Translated by: Lim Fong Wei


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